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Club Goodness Reasons for Perusal and Encyclopedism a Extraneous Words


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9 Commodity Reasons for Perusing and Acquisition a Strange Terminology

Updated on May 24, 2019

Paul Richard Kuehn


Paul has dog-tired a life-time travelling and learnedness many languages. He is now familiar in Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, and Thai.

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Extraneous Languages


Perusal and Scholarship Extraneous Languages

I bear studied and knowledgeable to unlike degrees of technique in respective alien languages. Astern winning Latin, Spanish, German, and French in high and college, I continued my extraneous terminology field by learnedness Chinese Mandarin during service. When I was about 60, I likewise studied and conditioned the Thai lyric.

In highschool, I enrolled in Latin and Spanish to fulfil a strange speech demand for a college homework racetrack of bailiwick. I took German and French as a necessity for doing aforethought futurity alum search in the battleground of alchemy. During the Navy, I lettered Chinese Mandarin lone because the Navy driven that I had an aptitude for acquisition languages.

Afterwards reflecting on my life of strange lyric cogitation, and especially my retiring vocation in victimisation Chinese Mandarin with the federal regime, I bear summon with nine-spot full reasons for anyone to cogitation and hear a extraneous terminology.

Communicating with Loved Ones and Friends

Many citizenry larn how to mouth and study a alien speech for communicating with loved ones and friends. Aft marrying a Taiwanese and sustenance in Taiwan in the Seventies, I cursorily conditioned how to address Taiwanese to alleviate communicating with my wife, her relatives, and our neighbors. I deliver besides secondhand spoken and scripted Chinese Mandarin to sustenance in feeling with friends from Taiwan and Chinaware.

Extraneous Go and Endurance

If you visit many countries, approximately cognition of the spoken and scripted nomenclature of the countries you are visiting testament shuffling your trips easier, more exciting, and rewarding. You testament be able-bodied to transmit ameliorate with natives and credibly spare money when shopping. By organism capable to ask where the can is and how to annoy the tube layover, you volition be capable to last in a unknown neighborhood.

Intellect a New Refinement

Lyric and refinement are inseparable. By getting cognition of a state’s civilisation, you leave ameliorate realise a strange land’s impost, account, religions, nutrient, and art. You testament too be capable to interpret mass punter.

Doing Alien Clientele

When booked in job, it is necessity to address the like terminology as your cooperator. If more businessmen and women silent Chinese Mandarin and Japanese, it would be lots easier for them to do line. Many of my English students in Taiwan in the Seventies were businessmen intermeshed in import-export swap. It was necessity for them to hand with American clients who could not verbalise Chinese Mandarin or Taiwanese.

Opportunities for Interesting Jobs

Many job opportunities expect bilingualist and multilingual persons. With my technique in Chinese Mandarin, I was able-bodied to get employment as a transcriber with the federal regime. Around of my colleagues eve became interpreters. Thither are many opportunities for doing words employment with the U.S. Land Section, CIA, NSA, FBI, and Section of Fatherland Protection. For the academic-oriented, you can suit a chief or lycee alien speech instructor with a Bach Stage. By earning a Masters or Ph.D., terminology majors bequeath be capable to learn at colleges or universities.

Up Your Aborigine Lyric

The cogitation of strange languages, specially Latin, has rattling helped amend my indigene English nomenclature skills. This is due to the fact that many English language let prefixes, suffixes, and roots derived from Latin. E.g., not well-educated the substance of the password “semitransparent,” cognition of Latin would separate me that the theme “luc” agency lighter, and the prefix “trans” way crossways. Thus I could extrapolate that semitransparent refers to ignitor exit done something. Legion speech from French, German, and Spanish are too ground in the English nomenclature.

Makes You More Unshockable

Compared to the multilingual Europeans, almost Americans are kinda narrow in their views toward multitude from former countries. This is undoubted because the bulk of Americans are monolingual and birth ne’er interacted with persons from otc cultures. I sustain ground that my work of extraneous languages has made me more liberal of foreigners and their unlike cultures edubirdie conclusion.

An Aid for Doing Explore

A noesis of French, German, and Russian testament be of big aid for any Ph.D. campaigner doing search in one of the sciences such as alchemy, physics, biota, or biochemistry. My special cognition of German is too proving helpful in my genealogy explore as I see the old German nosecount and military records.

The Hazard to Suit Bilingualist or Multilingual

I would powerfully urge that if the surround is uncommitted, youth children should suffer the probability to see one or more alien languages earlier the age of 5. At that age, a tiddler has internalized all phonetics and introductory grammar patterns of a nomenclature for communicating. In Thailand, thither are stories almost kids at the age of six able-bodied to mouth fluently Thai, Chinese Mandarin, and English. If a minor is bilingualist or multilingual, it bequeath pioneer so many opportunities in didactics.


If you oasis’t yet studied and erudite a extraneous speech, it is ne’er too former to commence. Your skills in a new words can be victimised for go and endurance, communicating reviews.io about edubirdie with alien friends, and discernment dissimilar man cultures.

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© 2016 Paul Richard Kuehn

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